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I live in Ponchatoula, LA and after the hurricane we had contractors from all over working on getting our power restored. Flory Line Construction had sent crews down to do repairs and all of their guys were great to deal with. Everything they were put through trying to get places to stay and eat, they never complained to us and did a fantastic job. We even got them some authentic Louisiana jambalaya for the crew to eat a good hot meal and had plenty of ice water and cold drinks for them. I just wanted to let the office people and managers know what type of employees they have representing their company. We would welcome them back anytime.

Dwayne S.

I have worked with Flory Line Construction on several storms across Michigan.  Their employees are very safe and knowledgeable. Their equipment is always in great working conditions and can handle any task assigned to them.  Flory employees are also very professional and personable.  I would welcome back Flory Line Constructions crews on any storm event or regular contractor on our system.

Bruce Broman
Consumers Energy - Electric Field Leader

It's day 5 of no power here. Projected 5-7 more days... but I see lines of your trucks streaming into the city to help us!! Here in Tulsa we are praising and thanking those here from far away. We also pray for their families back home. Go get 'em FLC!!

Larry B.

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