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FLC's Role in Future Fiber

FLC is working to improve not only the integrity of the powerlines near Big Rapids, Michigan, but also helping improve internet service. The crews have been diligently working to install underground primary and conduit for future fiber. Fiber internet differs from older connections like DSL or cable. Using these older connections results in slower, less efficient internet because data travels along copper wires, which causes a weak signal. Alternatively, a fiber connection carries data by light transmitted through flexible glass filaments resulting in much faster internet.

Another advantage of using fiber internet connection is regarding bandwidth competition. DSL, cable, and even satellite internet speed is highly dependent on the internet usage in your neighborhood. During peak usage times, you will notice your connection slowing down. The reasoning for this is because the connections carry the data to a central hub within your neighborhood and divide the bandwidth between those using the internet. With fiber internet, bandwidth competition is much less of a problem, resulting in consistent internet speed.

FLC is proud to be a part of bringing high speed internet options to rural areas!

If you are interested in joining our storm crew, please submit your information to our

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